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Monday, July 27, 2009

Trying out Yupo!

Sheila came over today to paint with me. She's doing lots of work on Yupo and brought some for me to try. I kept it very simple, luckily, bcause the paint does wacky things on that smooth surface! I had pretty good luck with the fennel-she suggested that I use a pretty concentrated paint mixture, which was helpful advice. She left another piece for me to work with later-don't know yet what I'll do. Thanks, Sheila, for introducing me to this new material.

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  1. Very neat sketch. I've done a few pieces on Yupo and liked the result -- very painterly indeed. It's different for sure.

    Janice, thanks so much for the wonderful refreshments at the art show reception. They were so special and with the lovely venue, you helped make the evening just perfect. I mentioned your home cooking in my blog today.