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Saturday, December 12, 2009


I wasn't happy with the way the irises turned out, so I worked on another painting to fit the 7 x 14 frame. The actual size of this image is 5" x 13". I drew some tulips freehand and started putting brush to paper. I started with a variegated wash of aureolin, French ultramarine and alizarin over the whole page. My plan was to do lots of negative painting to describe the flowers and push them forward, but I went astray and just painted them in. I did add a few negative leaves at the end. Maybe I'll try this again and be looser and follow my original plan. But this version is going into the frame and off in the mail, as I have waited far too long now and must get our packages to the post office Monday morning or risk their not arriving for Christmas!

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  1. The recipient of this beautiful painting should be very happy! I like your division of space and the cropping you've done. The background gives the painting an antique appearance. Nice work!