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Thursday, March 18, 2010

H is for "Hydrangeas"

I can actually say that this is a painting I am very happy with. I drew the vase and flowers freehand from my imagination and painted it with no photo reference. I was able to be freer without a picture to follow-maybe this is the secret to the elusive search for "looseness!" I started with a variegated wash of permanent rose, aureolin, burnt umber, and French ultramarine, laying the colors in on wet paper about where I wanted things to be. I didn't use any tube greens, and painted the leaves first, carefully painting around the veins. I added cerulean and smalt to the palette to complete the flowers. "Smalt" is an old, discontinued Winsor & Newton pigment that has a bit more red in it than ultramarine. They reissued it in a limited edition for a big anniversary a couple of years ago, and I was fortunate enough to be given a tube by their local rep. It's a beautiful shade. Along with a touch of burnt sienna, my palette was comprised of 7 colors. I kept the background very simple and suggested some shadows. I did scrub out a few highlights on the vase with a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. This is a half sheet-15" x 22".


  1. Janice, I think this is one of your best yet. The leaves, the flower bracts, what I like best is the vase. You do glass so well. Can you send me a couple notecards, please.

  2. Janice, This is beautiful! I love the details in the leaves contrasted with the lost edges it the hydrangeas. And your earlier work on the transparencies in the glasses carried over to the vase. You did a beautiful job capturing movement in a still life with all the curling leaves. Way to go. You sure have been busy!

  3. This is incredibly Beautiful! I'm so thrilled that I got to see it in person too!

  4. Thanks Ann, Kaaren and Sheila! It was good for me to work the way I did-it's helping me toward the breakthrough I need. I feel that I've been stuck for the past year and am trying to do a great deal of work now and move forward. Everything I do isn't blog worthy (to borrow from Seinfeld!)so I'm not posting it all.