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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Q is for Quilt

I belong to a philanthropic women's organization, PEO, which promotes and funds womens education. Our chapter prints an annual yearbook that is a roster, meeting schedule and reference for members. For the 4th year in a row, I was asked to paint a picture for the cover. The caveat is that it needs to include all or some of the following-daisies, stars, and the colors green, white and gold. The little red rectangles are my way of being a rebel! While it isn't fine art, I think the Sisters in our chapter will be happy with this year's cover.


  1. J, This gives me a happy feeling. Who doesn't like stars and daisy's. I'm sure the Sisters will love it!

  2. Janice, a wonderful, happy quilt for the annual yearbook -- I am impressed. I love your used of gradated color, and the rebellious red rectangles are exciting.

    Lovely interpretation of son Andy's photograph -- I can't see anything to criticize -- you are too hard on yourself. Also, kudos on the Santa Clara Mission -- I didn't make it plein air. Maybe this week....

    Thanks for checking in on my Wayne Thiebaud post. To me, he's a rock star. To Wayne, he's a family man, an art teacher, a cartoonist, and an artist. I loved this event.