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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Torcello-Santa Fosca

Torcello is the island where the first settlement in the Venetian lagoon was made. While only about 20 people actually live there now, at one time there were 20,000 or more inhabitants on this small island. Many local people go out to Torcello on the waterbus-vaporetto-for the day for picnicking or lunch at one of the restaurants. While there's a 6th century church next to this small Byzantine-style church of Santa Fosca(built in the 11th century) it wasn't as interesting visually to me. It was a partly-cloudy but pleasant day, but I was seated my tiny folding stool, so comfort was elusive. I only got the rooftops-I didn't plan my composition in advance, just sat down and got to work. I used a 9"x 12" Arches block.

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