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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Los Gatos Plein Air

It was a beautiful day for painting in downtown Los Gatos. We had a a huge turnout-28 people! The only downside was the parking-not many open spots and all of the spaces nearby had a 2 hour limit, so periodically, someone would have to jump up and run to move his or her car! We enjoyed a demo by Dick Zunkel, who uses a pen and ink technique with washes. He uses a Speedball nib in a holder, with black ink. I just used my Faber-Castell Pitt pen this time, but will definitely try out the equipment Dick recommends-loved the varied line weights he achieves with it.
I used an Arches cold-pressed block, 11" x 14". There are a few perspective issues, but I was happy with the first run at it.


  1. Janice, this piece is full of life and energy. I like the way you included a figure in the piece as well. What a great day we had!

  2. You are certainly great at getting out and doing the Plein Air stuff!! And what great work you are doing! Maybe this summer we can all paint some again! Miss ya!