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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend in Santa Cruz

We drove over to Santa Cruz on Friday afternoon and spent the night at our friends Linda and Jim Owens' house. On Saturday morning we got up and drove down to the yacht harbor area, where Linda meets up with a crowd of her fellow ukulele players for what I guess they would call a jam session. (Although how much jamming a ukulele can do is questionable.) While they played. I walked down to the beach and did a couple of pen and ink drawings with washes. I used a Speedball #6 nib and black Speedball ink. I'm just learning to work with the pen-love the varying line weights you can get with it.

This is actually the second one I did-there was a race going on and lots of sailboats were out. Too bad they weren't all flying their spinnakers! This was done on a tiny 4" x 10" Arches cold-pressed block..

The scanner didn't pick up the colors as well as it might have-the light house looks better in my original, as does the sky. I used Dick Zunkel's 3 sky colors-colbalt, perm rose, and yellow ochre applied to wet paper for both paintings. Also, in the original the ocean is level-couldn't fit the whole paper in my scanner, so it looks tilted here.  This was on a 10" x 14" block.


  1. These are lovely Janice. On the lighthouse one I love how the watercolor runs in the sea looks like big splashy waves.It gives it great drama, especially with the angle of the boat.

  2. Two lovely and fresh watercolors, great depth , the horizon seems faaar away :-)

  3. Ciao,
    mi piace molto il primo per l'atmosfera e l'immediatezza...l'aria di mare arriva sin qui...
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  4. Janice, your skies are wonderful. I love the sailboat race.

    I mentioned you on my blog today with a link to yours. I don't have scads of followers, but I know the ones who do will want to see your work.

    Yesterday was very fun. Thanks for making the trip with me to Menlo Park.